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JUKE Wheels of Fire

Nissan has taken a standard poster site and turned it into a thrilling display of pyrotechnics with Juke Wheels of Fire. Stand back as we light the fuse and make this an Epic Bonfire Night to remember.

Catherine Wheel Fountain Experiment


One of our loyal customers decided to do something a little fancy. He decided that he wanted to make his own catherine wheel using our 1kg machine pressed conic fountains.

He used 5 of our super conic fountains to drive the wheel sending out sparks left, right and centre. As you can see from the video below, it really does start to pick up speed – we think it’s very cool :)

Click here for another fountain experiment.

Firework Clock

Firework Clock

The epic fireworks team felt a little ‘arty’ and decided to make a clock out of an old dummy catherine wheel. We think its pretty cool :)

The idea came to light after we test fired a little fountain called the Krazy Klock by Brothers Pyrotechnics.


EpicFireworks. -KRAZY KLOCK

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